Alva's Hometown Radio Station!

About Us

J.D. Ford (Operator/Sock-Hop Host)

JD has been operating KALV under a LMA with Blue Sky Media since Mid-2019. He is a true Northwest Oklahoman; Born and raised in Woodward. JD started out in radio as a third-grader at Cedar Heights Elementary, just across the street from KSIW 1450 AM where he spent far to much time. In his teens, he began working for the radio station as an Engineer for Mr. Al Fuchs, an Oklahoma broadcasting legend. After a stint at KSIW, he began working for the J. Douglas Williams, Esq. empire, also known as K1O1 with it’s sister stations KMZE 92.1 FM (Now 92.3) and KOMI-TV 24.

He’s the father of 3 children, Jamin, Jaron, and Jariko, who currently reside in Fort Supply, where they attend Fort Supply HS.

After leaving Woodward, JD moved to Altus, OK, where he was the full time staff engineer for KWHW AM/FM and KQTZ. He had an afternoon classic country show on AM Stereo 1450 KWHW, where he would -literally- blow the dust off the records as they were playing. When he wasn’t busy playing AM Stereo radio, he would often be found working on different projects with two-way radios to assist the City of Altus with their communications needs.

JD has worked for several stations in Oklahoma, Northwest Texas, and Southwest Kansas including KJOV, KWOX, KMZE, KSIW AM/FM, and many others. Beyond full-time positions, JD worked as a contractor to several other independent broadcasters, including religious stations such as the Brewer’s “The House FM” and “K-LOVE” and Florida Public Radio’s KREJ and KSNS providing engineering work in times of need.

JD lived in Altus for 10 years before deciding to take on his new adventure. In December of 2016, he decided to move to Oklahoma City and take a job with Oklahoma’s largest local media company, Tyler Media. The Tyler family owns thirteen radio stations and four television stations. His responsibilities at Tyler Media include taking care of one of the most well-known stations across the nation- 1520 KOKC, formerly 1520 KOMA. Some of the more notable Tyler properties are KOMA, Magic 104.1 KMGL, 107.7 The Franchise KRXO, KJKE 93.3 Jake FM, and La Zetta 106.7 KTUZ-FM. JD truly enjoys working with everyone at Tyler Media.

In later years, the station experienced several technical issues that were difficult to diagnose for an inexperienced operator. JD extended his help to the operator to get everything back to an operational state. Unfortunately, it was not financially feasible to keep the station on the air. Jokingly, the operator at the time suggested “if you like it so much- you should just buy the place…” At the threat that the station would go dark, he sprinted into action to get the station bought. which is where we stand today.